Collaborative Research Center TRR 257

Collaborative Research Center TRR 257


The Collaborative Research Center Particle Physics Phenomenology after the Higgs Discovery is a joint venture of theoretical particle physicists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen University, University of Siegen, and Heidelberg University. It is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Particle physics has long established itself as an important research discipline focused on understanding nature at a fundamental level. The current knowledge is summarized in a theory called the Standard Model of particle physics that describes strong and electroweak interactions. The discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 formally completes the Standard Model and provides us with a consistent mathematical framework that can be used to describe nature in fine detail. However, several aspects of the Standard Model force us to raise questions about the foundations of this theory. Many proposed answers to these questions suggest that the Standard Model is a low-energy approximation to a much more fundamental theory that we strive to discover.

Scientists of the CRC will conduct research in the phenomenology of elementary particles, focusing in particular on physics related to the Higgs boson, the physics of top quarks, electroweak gauge bosons, jets, and dark matter, as well as flavor physics. Our goal is to develop novel concepts and methodologies to search for physics beyond the Standard Model through precise measurements at the LHC, at flavor factories and elsewhere.

Open positions

The CRC has openings for postdoctoral and Ph.D. positions. More information can be found here, or directly contact the principal investigators.


30.01.2024: CRC Colloquium

Sebastian Baum (RWTH Aachen) will give a Colloquium talk about “Searching for the Pulse of SUSY (Dark Matter)”

(posted on: 23.01.2024)

11.03.2024–12.03.2024: Annual Meeting of the CRC TRR 257

The Annual Meeting of the CRC TRR 257 will take place at KIT, where CRC members will present their current research. More details can be found here.

(posted on: 11.01.2024)

10.11.2023: From theoretical particle physics to entrepreneurship

Presentation by Dr. Sophia Borowka, CEO at obvioTec and CEO & Co-Founder at aiSon Technologies.

(posted on: 11.01.2024)

19.10.2023: Celebrating 20 years of TP1

The theoretical particle physics group of Siegen university will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Thursday, Oct. 19th. Alumni will present their professional careers after graduating from TP1, followed by a colloquium by Prof. Michael Krämer from RWTH Aachen university. More details here.

(posted on: 11.01.2024)

16.10.2023–18.10.2023: Young Scientists Meeting of the CRC TRR 257

A three-day meeting in Siegen for all members of the CRC. Scientific talks about the various projects will be presented by young scientists. The meeting includes a workshop to promote well-being within the research community and a talk about funding opportunities. More information can be found here.

(posted on: 11.01.2024)

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