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Exchange program

Ph.D. students of the Collaborative Research Center are encouraged to visit other sites of the CRC for an extended period of time (from two weeks up to 3 months). Such visits will help Ph.D. students to gather valuable experience and get insight about research at different CRC sites. These visits should not necessarily be driven by particular projects but should rather be considered as part of broader education of Ph.D. students. Visiting students are expected to participate fully in all events at the host site. The PIs of the CRC should encourage their PhD students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Organizational details

Here is some practical information on how to start organizing your visit. First of all, let your Ph.D. advisor know about your interest in the program and decide on a site, a host PI and dates for your visit, and contact the host PI. With this information please fill in the online application form below. The travel expenses and accommodation for the time of your visit will be covered by the CRC. For this to work, please fill out the corresponding travel form of your home institution. Please arrange for your accommodation yourself.

During your visit you will be hosted by the local PI and are encouraged to join the corresponding group activities. Upon completion of your visit, you will be requested to produce a short report (half a page).

Once you start thinking about the visit and have decided on a host site, you are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the local young scientist spokesperson of the site. Currently, the representatives of young scientists are Nicoline Hemme (KIT), Eleftheria Malami (Siegen) and Magnus Schaaf (Aachen). They will be your contact person at any stage of your visit. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need help with organizational issues around your visit, would like to have information about the scientific activities and educational programs at the site or have additional questions.


Benjamin Summ
“I am working on generic one-loop matching calculations at RWTH Aachen University. I spent my exchange at Heidelberg University working on the translation of SMEFT fits to fits of model parameters of explicit UV-completions of the Standard Model. This allowed me to learn more about how SMEFT fits are preformed and how my current work can be connected to the work done in Heidelberg. I particularly enjoyed getting to know other young researchers and discussing the diverse topics they are working on. I can highly recommend participating in the exchange program and taking part in the activities at the host site in order to experience how things are done at a different university. ”

Application Form

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