Collaborative Research Center TRR 257


We work on the following projects:

Research Area A: Higgs physics

A1a: Quark-mass effects in Higgs-boson production in gluon fusion

A1b: Higgs boson physics with higher order QCD corrections within the Higgs Effective Theory

A1c: Higher-order QCD corrections to Higgs boson production in weak boson fusion

A2a: The effective electroweak Lagrangian in the light of the LHC

A2b: Vector-Boson Scattering and Multi-Boson Production

A3a: Extended Higgs sectors at the LHC

A3b: Precision predictions for Higgs boson properties as a probe for New Physics

Research Area B: Top quark, electroweak gauge bosons and QCD

B1a: Production of color-singlet states through N$^3$LO QCD

B1b: Precision top-quark physics at the LHC

B1c: Central Jets in Vector-Boson Scattering

B1d: Theoretical advances in parton showers

B2a: Automated Calculations in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory

B2b: Operator Analysis of New Physics in Top-Quark Observables

B3a: Dark sectors at the LHC

Research Area C: Flavour physics

C1a: Inclusive semileptonic, rare and radiative decays of B mesons

C1b: $\mathbf{B - \overline{B}}$ mixing, CP violation, and Lifetimes

C2a: Hadronic matrix elements and exclusive semileptonic decays

C2b: Exclusive non-leptonic and rare b-quark decays

C3a: New sources of flavour- and CP-violation at high transverse momenta

C3b: New Physics models for flavour observables

Research Area D: Additional projects

D1: Numerical calculations of two-loop amplitudes with many mass scales

D2: Non-perturbative parameter within the HQE

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