A2b: Vector-Boson Scattering and Multi-Boson Production

Principal Investigators
Prof. Wolfgang Kilian University of Siegen
Prof. Dieter Zeppenfeld Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


We study processes at the LHC which involve interactions of four or more electroweak vec- tor or Higgs bosons. If there is new physics in the Higgs or electroweak sector, we expect deviations from the SM in vector-boson scattering and multi-boson production. The deviati- ons rise with energy and thus become significantly constrained by unitarity relations. We develop universal schemes for dealing with this fact, properly matched to the effective- theory description at low energy.


  1. Vector-boson scattering:
    • study all charged and neutral bosons (+ photon, + Higgs);
    • compare and combine analytical and numerical methods;
    • match to D=6 ⊕ D=8 low energy effective operators coherently; signal vs background separation for future LHC run;
  2. Predictions and limits for $q \bar q \to n$~bosons ($n > 2$):
    • disentangle and relate final states in $q \bar q \to VVV$ and $VVVV$;
    • visible and invisible new physics as inelastic scattering;
  3. Combine predictions and apply to incoming LHC results:
    • unitarity relations apply to all multi-boson processes coherently;
    • complete simulations and tools for meaningful data analysis;
    • implications for effective theory and (simplified) models;
    • model-independent interpretation and sensitivity to Higgs potential.
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