Collaborative Research Center TRR 257


We like to think about the structure of the CRC as a matrix, with rows describing physics that we would like to use and columns – the methodologies that we plan to employ.

1. Precision Physics 2. Effective Theories 3. Models of New Physics
A. Higgs Higgs boson production in the SM Higgs Effective Field Theory, unitarization Extended Higgs Sectors, Simplified Models
B. Top, QCD, Electroweak Physics Top quark and gauge boson production; physics of jets Effective Theories for QCD and top quark physics at colliders Dark Matter
C. Flavour Physics Inclusive processes and $\textrm{B}$ - $\overline{\textrm{B}}$ mixing Exclusive processes and hadronic matrix elements New sources of flavour and CP violation

Detailed information about individual projects can be found here.

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