Project C2b: Exclusive non-leptonic and rare $b$-quark decays

Principal Investigator
Prof. Guido Bell University of Siegen
Prof. Thorsten Feldmann University of Siegen
Dr. Tobias Huber University of Siegen


The task of this project is to systematically address sub-leading hadronic effects in non-leptonic and rare semileptonic and radiative $b$-hadron decays.This amounts to including higher-order perturbative QCD and QED corrections as well as power corrections, which will subsequently enter comprehensive phenomenological analyses. In this way, testing the Standard Model and constraining New Physics effects in non-leptonic and rare exclusive $b$-hadron decays will be substantially improved.


  1. NNLO QCD corrections: two loop corrections to scalar penguin amplitude in non-leptonic decays; higher-order corrections to annihilation topologies
  2. QED corrections in the factorization framework: Semi-leptonic operators in $B \to K^{(*)}\ell^+\ell^-$; hadronic operators in $B \to K^{(*)} \ell^+\ell^-$ and non-leptonic decays; QED corrections to heavy-to-light form factors; isospin-violating observables and violation of lepton-flavour universality.
  3. Power corrections in exclusive $B$-meson decays: factorization of endpoint divergencies in $B \to \pi$ form factor; extension to non-leptonic and rare decays
  4. Phenomenology of Non-leptonic Decays: comprehensive NNLO analysis of $B \to PP,PV,VV$ decays; combination of QCDF with flavour-symmetries of the light quarks; two-body decays beyond the quasi-particle approximation;
  5. Phenomenology of rare semi-leptonic and radiative decays: precision phenomenology for $B\to K^{(*)}\ell^+\ell^-$ at large hadronic recoil realistic parametrization of hadronic resonances beyond factorization, rare radiative decays of $B_s$, $B_c$ and $\Lambda_b$.
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